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Non-Narcotic Pain Management

Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, and Athletic Injuries

River West Chiropractic Clinic is a leader in providing you with the experienced personnel in medicine and alternative care. We work as a team in one facility to offer you the best of pain management techniques. We combine our experience with advancements in the emerging field of Pain Medicine. Our therapies include minimally invasive pain medicine techniques and conventional non-narcotic medication procedures. Equally important in our approach is the incorporation of alternative and complementary medicine procedures such as massage, low level laser, rehabilitation, and abdominal referred pain therapy.

We have helped thousands of people recover from many difficult to treat painful medical conditions and enjoy a life free from chronic pain.

Alternative Pain Medicine

We are innovators in the field of Pain Medicine. There are new applications for managing a wide variety of painful conditions. Therapies and procedures such as organ massage, low level laser, rehabilitation, and prolotherapy, represent a more immediate and lasting form of relief to our patients than drugs, physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation alone. These options also offer an alternative to costly and debilitating back surgeries.

What Our Patients Say

Great care and expertise from Dr. Clark! I felt much better the following day.

Joseph F.

Dr. Clark and his wonderful staff helped me through some very difficult times with my back when others just prescribed pain medications and muscle relaxants that didn't help at all. I am in a much better place these days.

Suzanne M.

I'm a long time patient of Dr Clark and he is top notch. along with every adjustment you always get heat first, a short 10-15 min targeted massage before the adjustment. It makes the adjustment so much easier and more effective

Rick C.

One visit to Dr. Clark and his assistants and I feel like I'm back to normal. Dr. Clark has also developed some really helpful homeopathic treatments that I'm more than happy to be a guinea pig for because I feel results within 20 minutes. I can't say enough good things!

Casey V.

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