“As a coach, Dr. Clark was my first choice to evaluate and treat my injured athletes on the team. Every athlete returned to competition much faster
because Dr. Clark understands, with empathy and professional understanding, how to treat the origin of the injury. I trust Dr. Clark for my personal healthcare needs as well, and highly recommend his methods of healing.”

– Wes Cook ,Two-Time NAIA Coach of the Year
Former Head Track and Cross Country Coach
George Fox University
Newberg, Oregon

“I had pain in my lower back and knee that would not resolve with rest or any other type of therapy. Within three visits, I knew Dr. Clark had found the origin of the problem. Now, without surgery, the long-lasting pain is gone and I am able to return to my running, skiing and hiking. I am able to maintain a great fitness level, along with leg and knee strength through exercise. I did not accept that my knee was aging and arthritic. The infrared imaging proved that the problem was somewhere else not where I had pain.”

– Laurie Knytych
Creative Director
Lake Oswego, Oregon

“My legs and back were in tremendous pain after years as a skiing cameraman. I tried physical therapy and rehabilitation, that were just not helping. I
went to Dr. Clark, and the imaging revealed that the problem
was from my abdomen and not from the low back area where I felt most
of the pain. I needed only a few treatments and the problem was
gone. I have not had that problem again, and I have been enjoying
skiing and other very active sports. Dr. Dean ROCKS!”

– Craig Adkins
Professional Sports Cameraman
Portland, Oregon

“I use Dr. Clark for the majority of my health needs. I use medicine when I need it, but
for overall health, I use his skills and healing expertise. I continue to be vital and active. He is my choice when it comes to helping track athletes overcome injuries, along with providing a perfect, “tune-up” before competitions!”

– Rich Hedges Eight-time District Champions
Track and Cross-country Coach
Hood River High School
Hood River, Oregon