We emphasize massage therapy to relieve Organ-Referred Pain

“Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissues of the body to normalize the tissue. The massage therapist uses a systematic application of pressure and movement on the soft tissues of the body. Massage therapy is used: to reduce stress pain, to aid recovery from medical or surgical procedures, to provide relaxation, to soothe tired and sore muscles, to increase circulation of blood and flow of lymph in the body.”

We emphasize abdominal massage. Years of experience have taught us that many issues (which have no origin of trauma or explanation) often are explained by an issue within the abdomen that is referring pain to the respective region of pain. The simplest example is the person who awakes in the morning with an intensely sore neck. It is normally accepted that “I slept wrong” and just accept the circumstance. These conditions are very intense and acutely painful. Through the use of infrared imaging, it is found that the majority of these cases have a common origin, and it is the diaphragm or upper abdomen. This is explained very simply neurologically as the phrenic nerve that feeds the diaphragm is linked to the neck at the spinal levels C3-5. Since the diaphragm is in spasm, it feeds the nerve impulse into the neck and the nerves that leave the neck transmit that abnormal nerve function into the upper back and posterior neck muscles.

How many of you have really, “slept wrong” The real issue is how many of you have gone to sleep with stress from a number of causes and woke the next morning with a stiff neck, which is really originates in the diaphragm. This whole concept is nothing more than a form of organ-referred pain. This is a common problem, and most of us have experienced the stiff neck syndrome. Most people know that when a person complains of chest pain and left arm pain that indicates a problem with the heart. This is a form of organ-referred pain. Each of us has organs that will refer pain when they are in distress. Another common phenomenon when there is distress in the stomach and our mid-back will ache. We think it is a mere backache, but the real issue is the stomach “referring” pain to the mid-back because they share the same nerve supply.

Holistic approach: We look at all aspects of the health condition and determine the organ, joint, ligament or tendon that is troubled and correct the origin of the pain and not merely the pain symptom. We can never really separate mind and body and spirit. This is truly what creates much of our discomfort and explains many sources of pain.